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Medical Services

content imageTown Square Adult Medical Day Care Center offers medical services in the facility. This will be provided through our Registered Nurse by a variety of professional affiliates to meet your medical needs. Our Nursing and Transportation Department will assure that you go to your routine medical check ups regularly and specialists as needed. We work closely with your Primary Care Physician to maintain open communications as a Tri-Level Health Program in order to keep track of your health and wellness. We also have Pharmacists, Optometrists and Podiatrist visit regularly to assist in the maintenance of your care and services.

The Registered Nurse and Pharmacy Consultant will also take note of the medications of each person under their care. This to find out if the prescriptions they are currently taking are beneficial for them or not. As part of the health care policy, each client can be evaluated for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and many more. These are to be provided by licensed specialists from our affiliated agencies.